How to hold on to your creative spirit

How to hold on to your creative spirit

Holding to your inspiration and creative thinking in the monotone world of a working cycle isn't always easy. That's why we came up with a few tips on how to keep your mind free in the way your creative activity requires it to.

Be persistent, but moderate

With every creative activity, whether it's writing, drawing, graphic designing, or photographing, the key elements should always be persistence, discipline, and a strong drill. Pursue your art every day. Try to come up with something new every day. Practice every day. But even though this persistence is very important, probably even more important is not to overdo it.

Yes, attend to your art every day, but not to exhaustion. Set your daily limit for example to a couple of hours or just the afternoon, depends on how much time do you have and how much care does your creative work need. The point is not to sit infront of it until it completely drains you. Try to end your work every day before you empty your well of creativity. Only that way you can be sure that it will fill up again until the next day.

Your creativity needs drill, but also a rest

Learn to switch off

You can increase your creativity not only by the regular drill, but at the same time by doing the exact opposite, which means isolating yourself from everything that has something to do with your creative work. But just closing one window on your computer and opening another isn't enough. If you want your brain to relax, you need to find in your daily routine a place for a completely different activity.

Many creative people prefer for example long walks, running, swimming, working out, or other ways of exercise that helps them to clear their head. Because the more you include your body in this recreational activity, the more you will be able to relax end regenerate your mind.

And from time to time, you need to switch off for even a longer period of time. However if you for example take a vacation, during which you will creatively exhaust yourself, then such a vacation is pointless. Whether you travel by the sea, into the mountains or just to a near cottage, leave all of your work behind you. Otherwise you won't be able to take a propper rest from it.

Take care of your imagination

And if you really will have a propper rest, then not only your creative thinking will be able to fully reset, but also when exposed to a completely new perceptions, you can come up with a brand new stimulus for your inspiration that otherwise wouldn't even cross your mind.

Seek inspiration

When you are not practising your skills or you are not resting, you should be searching for a new inspiration for the growth of your own creativity. Whether by discovering new themes and ideas, mutual consultations with your friends and colleagues from the same field, or by learning new techniques, you must never stop learning and expanding your imagination and creative spirit.