- an original web of a professional illustrator - an original web of a professional illustrator

Lucy Mannova is an original illustrator who is pursuing a lot of different graphic themes. That is why she needed a website for presenting the vast scale of her work to potential customers.

At first, Lucy wanted to realise her project with the WordPress web service, but that required a constant upgrading and dealing with complicated settings. And if that wasn't enough, when Lucy returned from two weeks without the Internet, she realised that despite her best efforts, her website was spammed and attacked by a virus. That simply couldn't go on.

"I wanted the simplest update system so I wouldn't have to set up categories and deal with complicated parameters - I wanted a website that would simply present my art."

With JuicyFolio, Lucy evaded a lot of updates and complicated settings and focused on the most effective propagation of her work. As opposed to photographers that require a minimalist portfolio, Lucy wanted to transfer her creativity into the design of her website. On JuicyFolio, she then could have very easily created her own back­ground, header, and other graphic elements that would give an attractive and clean look to her website.

In its final form, consists of folder categories and galleries representing individual aspects of Lucy's work, from traditional illustrations to body painting. There is also a basic info about Lucy's work, existing references, or her own blog that welcomes its visitors on the website homepage and presents the newest projects of Lucy.