What is JuicyFolio for?

What is JuicyFolio for?

Time to time, we come across some potential customers  for JuicyFolio services who don't really know what is JuicyFolio for. What happens next is that they set themselves up a JuicyFolio website for purposes that we don't even support and that completely different web providers specialize in. So what JuicyFolio really is and what it isn't?

How JuicyFolio Works

What is JuicyFolio?

  • a turnkey portfolio website with a wide range of customizable designs
  • an intuitive set of practical tools for photographers and other creative individuals
  • a tool for the most comfortable presentation of your work
  • a platform for realization of a minimalist web identity
  • a transparent web solution with a full customer support that you can try for two whole weeks for free

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What isn't JuicyFolio?

  • a complicated web-creating system requiring the knowledge of HTML and usage of external programmes
  • an image storing service like Flickr
  • a system with a large amount of universal functions that is usable for everything
  • a platform for developing large and complex websites or databases