JiriParizek.cz - a professional portfolio for a professional photographer

JiriParizek.cz - a professional portfolio for a professional photographer

Jiri Parizek is a very skilled photographer that came to us for a new portfolio website: a simple, extremely mini­malistic, and a clear one. In another words precisely the kind thing we are focusing on. And needless to say that we were very pleased he came to us.

Jirka knew precisely what he wanted and his vision was coincidentally very similar to our FullTopStep-02 design that was in progress at the time. Jirka liked the basics of this design, so the only thing that remained was to finish it so that he could create a demo that he would be able to customize all by himself.

A Professional Portfolio

Jirka primarily wanted a simple website without any extra functions or visual decorations, with large pictures and simple font for his text content. The changes he wanted us to make were mainly to align the web content to the left side, instead of the more conventional centre, and individualise the blog, where Jirka wanted to present the new posts overview just via titles and a wide preview images that would then link to whole texts.

Because Jirka was currently without a portfolio and opening of his new exhibition was closer every day, we needed to make his new portfolio operational as soon as possible. And we did, in one day. While Jirka was playing with his demo, filling it with his content and trying out what works for him and what doesn't, the technical tuning from our end was a matter of a few small interventions. Then all we needed to do was to switch the demo to a full version, connect the new portfolio with the original domain, and the new website JiriParizek.com was finished. Exactly the way Jirka wanted it.