Basic Settings for Search Engine Optimization

Basic Settings for Search Engine Optimization

The key for a good visibility on the Internet search engines lies mainly in a lot of small precautions. One of the basic ones is the selection of short and accurate titles and descriptions. And it doesn't matter if we are talking about the title and description of your whole website, its individual sub-pages, or articles.

Pages Administration

You can find the administration of all the individual pages of your website under the Web tab by clicking on the Properties on each of them. Here insert the accurate name and title of your webpage. While the name will be shown in the menu, your visitors will see the title in their browser and it will define the URL address itself (if you will be ever changing the title, you can update the URL by clicking on Change URL now).

Basic page settings

Advanced Settings

Furthermore, we recommend you to fill the description and keywords. The description should contain brief and naturally written summary of your website. Then fill the keywords with the most important words best describing your site that you think your potential visitors could also enter to search engines. Separate the words or phrases with commas.

The important note is also that the description and keywords are relevant, but they are more useful to other services instead of the search engines themselves. For instance Facebook will use your description every time you share an article with it. As for the keywords, there is no need to overuse them. Select only the most important and the most accurate ones.

Advanced settings

JuicyFolio will automatically take care of a clear website link structure and sitemaps that make this structure transparent even for the search engines. The only thing you need to do is a clear division of your articles without overly compli­cated ramifications to folders and with even filling to individual pages.

We would also like to point out that none of your descrip­tions or titles should be duplicated for more than just one purpose. Always use original texts for an each individual use.