What can you show on your homepage?

What can you show on your homepage?

The first impression is always important. That's why you should think hard about what do you want to show on the homepage of your website. Because the right content on your homepage is important not only for your visitors, but also for Internet browsers and for the overall good position of your portfolio on the Internet.

But first, lets take a look at how you can change the content of your homepage. In the administration of your portfolio website, you need to select Pages and then click on the very first link, usually named Homepage (if you didn't change the name before).

After you enter the editing page of your homepage, click on Properties. Then you will see a list of all the ways you can promote your homepage. So what specific ways do we have here?

What specific page types can you choose for your homepage? Find out in our article about the various page types that JuicyFolio can offer you.

Page types for your website