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$12 / month Price valid for annual payment
All functions, unlimited images, your domain
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Assisted setup

$144 / year 1 year of Portfolio plan included
Get turnkey portfolio website build by our team
Free 1-year portfolio plan, so you won't pay extra


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Other services

Assisted setup
PSD 2 Portfolio
Custom design
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Website's content Transfer
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$29 / hrs.

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This price is valid for the purchase of a domain outside of our service packages.
The Assisted Setup package contains a free domain for a year as a bonus.
If you have your own domain, it can be redirected to us.


How much will it cost me?

You can either build your portfolio website yourself or we can do it for you with the Assisted setup.
In both cases you will pay $144 per year. So you can freely choose which aproach suits you best.
We've created Assisted setup so you can get turnkey portfolio website for the same price as if you build it yourself. Sou you can get awesome service and save some time!

What exactly will I get with Assisted Setup?

Besides the fact that we'll create your website and set it for launch, with Assisted Setup you will also get a domain for one year, portfolio plan for one year, a design, a content management tool, a service for forwarding mail to your own mail address (or optionally a mail hosting service), updates, and, of course, a tight security and our relentless customer support. :)

What is included in the Portfolio plan?

The Portfolio plan includes server space, the JuicyFolio application license, a design, a content management tool, upgrades, a tight security, and, of course, an excellent customer support!

This JuicyFolio thing, that's just a normal template, right?

Not exactly. The whole system is created so that it can be easily modified and improved. The main JuicyFolio benefit is the administration interface designed for the needs of creative professionals to easily edit their content. Just a few clicks and you can do magic with your website. Thanks to our focus on this type of websites, we can offer a great deal of experience and an excellent customer support.

Can it do something other than just "being a website"?

It can't make coffee. Well, at least for now. :) But the important part of JuicyFolio lies in a lot of tools that will allow to present your work in a simpler way, reach your customers, sell your services, or simply make it easier to create your website content. Contact forms, on-line shops, thumbnail cropping directly on the web, composing image collages, having an on-line blog or an offline image portfolio. Every day we work on something new! Of course, JuicyFolio is not just a great software, but also a comprehensive service including customer support and information resources for the presentation of creative work.

If I choose a design, can I change it later?

It's simple - just make another demo with a design suitable for you, and we will then activate it instead of the previous full version learn more in our blog. K dispozici je i balíček pro pomoc se změnou, pokud nemáte čas nebo to nechcete řešit - rádi se o vás postaráme.

Can I use a domain that I bought elsewhere?

Of course! You can either transfer the domain to us, so you don't have to pay for it in two places, or you can easily leave it where it is, and we will send the data to set the web to work on your own domain.

Why JuicyFolio and not some other service?

Because we not only develop JuicyFolio, but also use it in practice. We also run a JuicyFolio blog, where we advise how to effectively promote yourself, how to sell your services and what you should watch out for. For over 10 years we have operated on-line shops and based on our experiences, we have set up a simple shop. Our team includes photographers and illustrators who use JuicyFolio every day and we respond to their needs by editing and improving our system.

Is JuicyFolio for someone who has absolutely no idea how to work with websites and has no technical knowledge?

JuicyFolio is exactly for such a person! And also for people who simply don't want to deal with coding, programming, and setup. Let us know and a we will happily take care of you.


With the Assisted Setup package, the annual registration fee includes one .com, .eu, .net, .org, or .info domain. You can redirect any domain to your portfolio website. * For plans that don't include domains, it is possible to set up a special fee (see the price list).

Access and administration

Websites created by the JuicyFolio service can be managed only by using the JuicyFolio administration service. Within the administration, you can always change the content and appearance of your website.