Example of what JuicyFolio can do

Let us convince you that your portfolio can look amazing and be easy to use

Intuitive administration - you have everything at arm's length. All you need is a web browser.

Inserting new content is easy
Content management in sections
Intuitive portfolio structure
Changing the administration layout
Easy sharing integration
Drag and drop administration
Editing text on the page

Awesome and capable galleries

Images? We can do so much more!

Easy image upload is the number one priority for us. You can also insert videos from Vimeo or YouTube and add text blocks to your more content-rich portfolio.

You can customize everything in your browser

You can sort your photos, descriptions, and thumbnails directly on the web. Image thumbnails can be easily cropped for the best visual representation of your work.

Image composing tool

You can create diptychs or polyptychs - combine two or more images into one. All that in your administration.

Quality image treatment

Perfect photographs uncorrupted by compression, rough sharpening, or poor colour processing. We can prepare the best custom setting just for you.

Offline portfolio

Give a presentation from your iPad even without Internet connection! Or share a link to a uniquely assembled bespoke image file.

Flexible portfolio structure

Your portfolio on one page, website separated into several galleries, or even more galleries in folders. It's up to you.

Portfolio on your domain

Your name is your brand.

.com, .net, .org, .info, .eu

Build yours portfolio website by yourself..

  • Logo as picture or text

  • Several layers of backgrounds enabling you complete design change, as you can see on this example

  • Image details, thumbnail settings and gallery behaviour adjustments

..or we can set it up for you

Made for Success!

  • Portfolio website built as a quality marketing tool

  • Ready for SEO

  • Blog and connection to social networks

  • Connecting with Google Analytics

  • JuicyFolio Blog filled with practical advices, instructions, and user experiences

Powerfull contact forms

  • Flexible web forms

  • Easy contact with your customers

  • Email data directly in your administration

  • Collecting your orders or emails is a piece of cake

On-line shop for creative professionals

  • Benefits of a portfolio website and an on-line shop in one package

  • Clear administration and a shopping cart

  • Various types of products, sets, and products on demand

  • More about creative on-line shops

Making JuicyFolio better and better every day!

We are still creating new functions and services based on experiences and wishes from our very own customers

See JuicyFolio in action!

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