Change the type of your homepage

Change the type of your homepage

As we already established in one of our older articles, you can assign to the homepage of your portfolio one of several specific types like a text page, an image slideshow, a gallery list, and so on. But how to actually set this up?

The simplest way to edit your homepage settings, is to go to the main page of your administration and click on the Homepage content tile, which will send you straight to the edit page of your homepage. From any other page of your administration, just click on the Pages bookmark and then select Homepage (that is in the case that you haven't renamed it yet – ether way, it's the very first item). 

How to get to editing options of your homepage

Whichever of these two paths you take, you then need to choose Properties and select a page type you want your homepage to obtain (note: this process also works for creating a brand new page by clicking on the blue page icon ).

Changing your homepage

If you won't be able to change your home or any other page (for example because the administration doesn't even show you this option), it could be because of a security measure of the specific design. In that case, please contact our customer support and we'll help you set everything up.

What can you show on your homepage?