How to change your design?

How to change your design?

You filled your JuicyFolio website with a new content or you have your portfolio with us for a while now, but you suddenly realised that your current design doesn't suit you? Don't worry. Even this we can fix.

However your JuicyFolio design can't be changed just by pressing one red button. Each of our designs is a bit different and focuses on different things. If your current design for example supports medium sized images and you want to replace it with an HD design, just changing the design isn't enough and all of your content needs to be uploaded again.

Changing your JuicyFolio design

So if you decide to change your design on JuicyFolio, simply create a new demo and play with it like you once did with the first one. You can then either import the content from your old website yourself, or we can make you a price estimate for importing your content, suggest which changes would be appropriate for the new design, and then set everything up for you.

New design, redirecting links, and SEO

But even if you decide to transfer your content to a new website, we should still interfere in certain steps and help you. Because if you are importing for example a blog to your new website, we have to make sure that links to each of your posts from the old website will work on the new one as well.

Your domain won't of course change, but each of the specific links could, either because you changed the structure of your website or you just named the specific pages of your web differently. We can then set the original links so they would reference to the new destination. Just contact our customer support and we will gladly help you with anything you need.