Propagation of Your Website

Propagation of Your Website

Positive Propagation

Propagation of your website is a powerful weapon that you need to use with caution. Don't hesitate to spread links to your web through business cards, flyers, or other printed materials. But at the same time don't forget to propagate yourself through social media as well, especially if you have a profile on Facebook or Twitter.

If you add a new interesting article to your website, don'tĀ forget to share it on your social profiles and make yourself visible to thematic websites and communities thatĀ could be interested in your work.

Propagation of your website

Negative Propagation

This is where we get to the dark side of your propagation. Mainly you need to avoid buying links and their exchanging with websites that have nothing to do with your project. Especially Google really doesn't like this sort of behaviour and puts a great deal of effort to its persecution.

Impractical for you is also putting your website to small and low quality catalogues. It's not important to force put your project wherever you can. Instead try to choose only the quality, verified, and well visited catalogues or friendly websites.