Size of your photos matter

Size of your photos matter

With JuicyFolio portfolio websites, we offer a number of specific designs, each of them having its unique funkcionality that is able to implement this or that specific vision for your perfect website. But even these designs can be further modified and brought even closer to your particular goals and ideas.

One of these modifications is the option to edit the width or height of displayed images in your portfolio, both of which can be reduced as well as enlarged to draw even more attention to them. However it of course also depends on which specific design are we talking about.

The width or height of your images can be easily edited

For example our FlowTop designs (01b, 02, 02b, 03) display a vertical list of photos, so that you can manipulate with their width. On the other hand the FlowLeft designs (01, 01-b, 02b, 02c) display photos in a horizontal line, so here the editable value is their height.

If you'd like to change the dimensions of the images in your portfolio one way or the other, contact our customer support so that we can propose and also handle the best solution just for you.