The benefits of multiple portfolio websites

The benefits of multiple portfolio websites

As a photographer or other creative individual, you are probably focusing on more than just one type of creative work. You could be for example a photographer with a broader focus, but at the same time you can specialise on wedding photo shoots. You can be an illustrator, but at the same time be pursuing crafting or modeling of original products. You may want to promote your work within your portfolio website, but at the same time offer it for sell through a separate e-shop.

The beauty in simplicity

In one of our previous articles about site structure, we wrote that you can organise the content of your website in various ways – for example via creating multiple portfolios you can put yur work on. However in the very same article we also said how important it is for your site structure to be simple and synoptic, so that you visitors could better orientate on it.

That's why, rather than to create multiple portfolios within one website, it's sometimes better to set up a whole other portfolio website that you can easily connect with your original website for example via link in the menu. Thanks to this you will not only get  two simple site structures instead of a single more complicated one, but there is actually even more to it than that.

E-shop of the ilustrator Lucka Mannová

A clear identity

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to separate different sides of your work and not mix them together. Because if you're not only a classic photographer, but you also specialise in wedding photo shoots (as said in the first paragraph example), than that is a good reason for splitting your photographic identity into two websites.

Because if a bride to be is looking for a new photographer, she probably won't want to go through tons of landscape or extreme sports photos. At the same time if you actually give a distinctive design to your wedding website, it will then be even more appealing for your visitors.

Examples of our clients with multiple websites

  • Photographer Olda Hrb has three websites with us. His own classic photographic portfolio, a special wedding website, and then a portfolio for graduation tableau photo shoots
  • Ilustrator Lucka Mannová has two websites with JuicyFolio, her personal portfolio, where she presents her illustrations, and an e-shop, where she offers them for sale.
  • Some time ago, photographer Jára Sijka set up with us a portfolio focusing on his photos about extreme sports, athletes, and exotic landscapes. In an addition to that, he now created a special wedding website and with a few of his friends he is also running an online blog about skating